7 Apr / 2022

Good agricultural practices make Brazilian coffee growing ‘carbon negative’

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Study shows that sustainable coffee plantations sequester more carbon than they emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere In view of the growing concern about climate change and the increasingly clear signs for a green global [...]

12 Mar / 2018

Forestry Code: Constitutionality Maintained

2018-05-11T12:11:38-03:0012 de March de 2018|Categories: Articles, News|

The approval of the New Brazilian Forestry Code in 2012 gave to Brazil a legal framework to protect native vegetation, a conquest that balances conservation and production, with the definition of rules for the regularization [...]

20 Feb / 2018

Brazilian Coffee Production Sustainability and Income

2018-05-11T12:12:18-03:0020 de February de 2018|Categories: Articles, News|

Sustainability and social responsibility actions promoted by Brazilian agribusiness resulted in a greater integration between the productive chain agents and farmers’ income improvement. This is one of the reasons that in 50 years, Brazil, then [...]