Since 1999, Cecafe successfully represents and defends the interests of coffee exporters. Effectively, dynamically and in a contextualized way, Cecafe aims at taking an active part in the global discussions about sustainability, with the purpose of improving and expanding Social Responsibility and Sustainability Programs.

During 2017, with the direct participation of the Sustainability Committee and of the Decision-Making Council, the proposed initiatives are being consolidated in concrete actions for the evaluation of the social, environmental and economic progress aimed at promoting Brazilian coffee sustainability worldwide. For this purpose, the partnerships with exporters, research and education institutions, private and public companies, NGOs and associations have been expanded.

According to the strategy presented and according to the Decision-Making Council´s decision in a meeting held on December 6, 2017, Cecafe formalized a proposal do launch the Performance Indicators of the Brazilian Green Coffee Export Sector (IDEXCafe).

The purpose of IDEXCafe is to monitor and promote several actions of Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the coffee export trade sphere. With this in mind, the Information Technology team of Cecafe developed a System maintaining the security and confidentiality of the information, aimed at publishing consolidated data of the export sector.

The System is available for all Cecafe members at the following link:

It should be stressed that the results will be submitted always in a consolidated form reflecting strictly the coffee export sector, and will contribute to the ample evaluation and dissemination of the actions of our sector regarding Social Responsibility and Sustainability.

From the consolidation of the IDEXCafe and of the Performance Indicators of the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Programs of the entity, the first Sustainability Report of the Green Coffee Export Sector of Brazil will be published, aimed at monitoring the progress of the actions taken, and as a reference for the commercial promotion process and improvement strategies. The Report will show the private sector social investments, the extent of those benefited by the Programs, the organizations involved, and will be a marketing tool for the whole export sector, covering the domestic and international markets.

During the first year, the initiative will contribute for a precise and careful evaluation of the diagnosis and, in subsequent periods, to note in detail the progress in relation to the adoption of good practices and other positive actions related to the target groups, such as collaborators, children, youngsters and farmers involved.

From the analysis of the results and with the evaluation of the perspectives and the possibility of formulating strategies, the Strategic Planning of Cecafe will be performed between 2018 and 2020, to be implement from 2019 onwards, when the entity will celebrate its 20th anniversary.


Marcos Matos – Chief Executive Officer – CECAFÉ