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18 Nov / 2019

Cecafé at the International Coffee Week 2019

2019-11-18T16:41:24-02:0018 de November de 2019|Categories: Articles|

The International Coffee Week (ICW) is once again consolidated as one of the most important events at national and global levels. The event will be held from November 20 to 22, 2019, at Expominas, in Belo [...]

14 Aug / 2019

Brazilian Coffee Sustainability Seal

2019-08-14T14:58:53-03:0014 de August de 2019|Categories: Articles|

Cecafé strongly believes in the sustainability of the Brazilian coffee agribusiness chain and compliance with the country’s labor and environmental law—considered one of the strictest and most advanced in the world—as well as in the [...]

18 Mar / 2019

Pollination and Coffee

2019-03-18T13:13:30-03:0018 de March de 2019|Categories: Articles|

Pollination is one of the essential environmental services provided to the ecosystem. Pollination vectors are extremely valuable for the ecosystem, enabling pollen transportation—that is, the transfer of pollen from the male (anther) to the female [...]

18 Feb / 2019

Sustainability and Good Practices for Pesticide Use

2019-02-18T13:54:54-03:0018 de February de 2019|Categories: Articles|

Good Farming Practices, including Technology for Pesticide Use, has been gaining momentum in discussions about sustainability in agriculture. After the decision to chemically control pests, diseases and weeds or spontaneous plants, one must pay close [...]