Digital Coffee Farmer provide to interested farmers the knowledge and opportunity to improve the management of their property and the quality of their coffee, adopting the computer and internet as tools of support and research – about climate, prices, markets, productions techniques, etc. – and best agricultural practices in order to obtain a health product, free of contamination (physical, biological and chemical), therefore, helping to increase profitability within their business while ensuring sustainability to the environment and for rural population.

Conceived in 2006, to attend family farms, small farmers or rural workers, with the purpose of encouraging digital inclusion so they can learn about IT and understand concepts of Internet access as a tool for working in the field and managing the coffee farm.

In 2016, Cecafé recognized the need to improve this project and, in partnership with the Global Coffee Platform, decided to expand the scope of its activity, previously restricted to digital inclusion, to include the sharing of best agricultural practice, with an emphasis on sustainability. This partnership allowed Cecafé to strengthen cooperation terms with extension workers, who provide agricultural technicians to run courses in order to train farmers, using their own materials, especially in relation to sustainable actions for the Brazilian coffee industry.

At the end of the course, Field Days where the students graduate will be held at various locations in the primary coffee producing regions.


Digital Coffee Farmer is a Cecafé program that trains coffee producers interested in improving the management of their farms and the quality of their coffee, using computers and the Internet as tools for support and researching information on climate, prices, markets, production techniques and best agricultural practice. It aims to ensure a healthy coffee bean, free from contamination (physical, chemical and biological), thus helping to increase the profitability of their business, and ensuring the environment’s sustainability, as well as an upgrading to the rural population’s quality of life.


Basic IT concepts based on material prepared by CECAFÉ as well as best agricultural practice based on the Sustainability Curriculum ( To help your learning, and guarantee an enjoyable and dynamic study, the content has been structured with dynamic activities and a clear, objective language that is easy to understand.

Course duration

There will be two classes, once a week with a total of 14 meetings.

Who is it for?

For medium, small coffee farmers and rural workers in the Coffee Producing regions.


Students who attend at least 75% (seventy five percent) of the classes given will receive a certificate. The best students will receive an award at the graduation ceremony.

Further information

Visit the Informed Producers website, or send an e-mail to