Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Pillars

Cecafé’s Strategic Planning 2021-24 was structured in a inclusive way, encompassing the internal team, with the direct support of the Technical Committees’ coordinators and members, the counselors, the hired consultants and of all associates.
To improve the Technical Committees dynamics, new themes were structured, including themes such as communication, Brazilian Coffee image promotion, food security, processes improvement, among others.
With this Strategic Planning, Cecafé reinforces its commitment to represent a sector that promotes efficiency, organization, sustainability, liquidity and income to the Brazilian producer, taking Cafés do Brasil to more than 130 countries in the world.


“To defend and promote the interests of the coffee exporting sector through an honest and professional way, with recognition, leadership, competitiveness and sustainability”.


“To be a modern institution and a global reference that promotes strategic initiatives, defending and valuing the export sector and the brazilian coffees.”


  • People as the main asset of the Organization;
  • Belief in the interdependence of the links in the coffee chain;
  • Cooperation, reciprocity and transparency based on ethical business principles;
  • Respect for the environment and society;
  • Communication as a way to promote the sustainability and quality of Brazilian coffee;
  • Support for sustainable development based on economic, social and environmental results for Brazilian coffee production;
  • Respect for the Brazilian and international institutions and consumer rights;
  • Care for interpersonal relationships in the organizational, commercial and institutional spheres;
  • Respect for free initiative and the market economy;
  • Technology as a factor of synergism, differentiation, modernity and proactivity.

Strategic Pillars