This entity strongly believes in the sustainability of the Brazilian coffee chain through respect of labor and environmental laws, considered one of the most rigorous in the world, as well by the solid economic outcome generated year by year.

In the universe of 280,000 producers, respect for the environment is clear and easily

acknowledged. It can be seen in its continuous efforts to protect watershed areas, in the adoption of rational water management, and in the application of advanced agricultural techniques to achieve significant productivity per hectare planted, the largest among the producing countries.

Besides that, coffee producers adopt the same labor laws applied to urban workers, fulfilling the stringent requirements, which include payment of the guarantee fund, public social security, and other such social benefits established by the Brazilian Consolidation of Labor Laws. Within the context of rural practice, the adoption of PPE in the handling of pesticides, and appropriate installations for workers’ accommodation and food, are just some of the actions widely adopted in the field.

In this regard, associated Cecafé members adopt the organization’s Code of Conduct, seeking to transfer the precepts of ethics and commitment to legal standards in force in the country to their supply chain.