Country is the largest global producer and exporter and ranks second in consumption

With approximately 308 thousand coffee growers and a competent and efficient exporting industry, responsible for the logistics of roughly 65% of the national crop, coffee contributes for the generation of millions of jobs in the production chain and also for important FX market movement in Brazilian exports.

With almost 300 years of history, Brazilian coffee is consolidated as an absolute leader in the world—the country is the largest producer and exporter and ranks second in consumption in the planet. According to data from CONAB, in 2018 Brazil will produce 60 million 60kg-bags. The product export volume is estimated at between 33 to 34 million bags, and internal consumption at 22 million bags.

Due to its global recognition, coffee has been awarded an international coffee day, celebrated on October 1st. The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), in partnership with entities representing the private sector and Apex-Brazil, held a series of actions to celebrate the date.

For the first time in the history of the MRE, the Brasilia Room in the Itamaraty Palace opened its doors to celebrate the Brazilian coffee production chain. Approximately 200 guests, including leaders in the production chain, ambassadors of the main buying nations, and country partners in coffee growing were invited to celebrate this important date.

At the occasion, ABIC delivered Certificates to the companies and brands that most stood out in the year in the Coffee Quality Assessment Program– PQC – 2018. The award highlights the excellence of Brazilian Coffees and is a recognition to those companies that had constant scores throughout the year in their category.

Overseas, the Brazilian diplomatic service also conducted activities to celebrate the International Coffee Day and promote the country’s product. The date was celebrated in the following embassies: Abu Dhabi, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Seoul and Tokyo; and in the Consulates of Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Sydney. Important players in the production chain were invited for a tasting of Brazilian coffees from several producers and provided information about the sustainability of Brazilian coffee growing.

The celebration held by the Coffee Growing community together with Brazilian coffee buyers integrates the annual agenda of Brazilian actions to celebrate the International Coffee Day, following the recommendation of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) for celebrations to be held in coffee growing nations all over the world.

Marcos Matos – General Officer at CECAFÉ