Cecafé has been active in actions to promote the image, quality and sustainability of Brazilian coffee.

Since 2019, through a partnership with APEX, ABIEC and ABPA, Cecafé has been present in the largest food and beverage tradeshows in the world, with booth space to display and serve Brazilian coffee to attendees.

The country’s positive social and environmental actions, parameters of quality, organization and efficiency throughout all coffee segments must be duly shown to importer countries, roasters and consumers around the world. With the impacts of Covid-19, confidence in the product and transparency of information are increasingly relevant. For such, we have the so-called 3S – sustainability, health and sanity.

This year, the representatives of the Brazilian Embassy in China recently approached Cecafé to develop actions to promote Brazilian coffee in the country.

The cooperation proposal that is being structured includes, in general lines, the following stages:

For 2020

  • “SOE – Single Origin Espresso” and “The Brazil Month” Campaigns with specialty coffee shop chains in China;
  • Sending samples of green coffee to the coffee shop chains, expanding interactions with other important chains;

For 2021

  • Production of a series of short, humanized videos, focusing on the regions to be chosen together with the Chinese;
  • Video series shooting may include the participation of a Chinese barista;
  • Suggestion to create a Brazilian Coffees account in the Chinese media

Cecafé has structured this partnership to support a major action to promote Brazil’s image and products, therefore enhancing understanding of the local culture and the best actions to promote Brazilian Coffee strategically.

Green coffee samples were sent to represent and cover the various producing regions of the country. With all the information in hands and the “SOE – Single Origin Espresso” and “The Brazil Month” campaigns in place, coffee shops chains will work the market to understand the Chinese taste, establishing correlations between the coffee origin and its success among the population. The humanized videos will be produced at this point, focusing on the different regions, human relations and product quality.

The idea is to interact with the Chinese, adding and connecting with new baristas to expand foreign sales to China.

Cecafé, in its legitimate mission of representing Brazil’s export trade, will continue to take part in global trade shows, watching out for the best opportunities to promote Brazilian coffees.

In this process, Cecafé keeps permanent discussions and partnerships with Agricultural Attachés and Brazilian diplomatic teams overseas. Cecafé is concomitantly holding rounds of meetings with these representatives and structuring additional actions in countries such as Canada, Argentina, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Mexico, India, Indonesia, among others. The main objective will always be to expand actions to promote and strengthen relations and the exchange of technical information that can be useful to all exporters.

Cecafé will always be proactive, certain that joint collaboration efforts will bring benefits to the entire Brazilian coffee agribusiness.


Marcos Matos – CECAFÉ CEO
Lilian Vendrametto – CECAFÉ Sustainability Manager